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cropped_773338766138724I offer tutoring / instruction in writing for middle school and above. Whether it be writing essays—a specific essay, essay type, or essays in general—or writing nonfiction or fiction, long-form or short, in English, Humanities, Psychology, Comm I, Comm II, or other classes, I can assist. Whether it is for one or two sessions to iron out a challenge, or working long-term to develop your abilities, I can help.

If you have looked through this blog, you know that I am a teacher of long experience at many levels, including college, and I teach Advanced Placement English Language and Composition as well. I have published several books and many articles, poems, and short stories. I know how to take ideas from genesis to completion. I can help you do the same.

I can help you learn to write with clarity, in a style that is your own. I can help you hone your communication skills, as well as teach you editing and proofreading skills that will serve you for a lifetime. 

Screenshot_20170405-133216_01We can accomplish this in person, if you are local (I’m in Brevard County, Florida), but also online, through the magic of Google Meet and Google Docs with simultaneous editing. 

Here is the caveat: YOU must want to learn. You must want to improve. I’m not interested in “have to,” or “need to.”  I’m interested only in “want to”—you must have desire and drive. I don’t need to do this. I want to do this. Please feel the same.

This means something to me. If it does not mean something to you, please understand that we are not a good match. If your motivation is external—if you are being pushed, prodded, or poked, or if you have been cajoled, convinced, or otherwise cornered into this—please understand that we are not a good match. 

My fees: I ask $45.00 per hour. I ask you to be honest. I know many people who have drive cannot afford that amount, and I will work with you even if you can’t. But I also ask that if you can afford it, that you do. In other words, irrespective of your ability to pay. In this way, we can all support each other, as humans should, with honesty, integrity, and care.

Email me to ask me any questions, or use this scheduling link to set an appointment. You can choose from fifteen-minute, thirty-minute or one-hour appointments. You can also choose a fifteen-minute consultation where we can discuss if this is right for you, or any challenges you might be facing regarding your tutoring or finances. I never charge for a friendly consult. Let’s get started. 


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