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I Got Up Late this Morning

I got up late this morning,
Unusual for me, had nothing to do
Popping out from under the warm covers
Into the cool of the house
I found myself in the kitchen,
Biscuits and butter for everyone,
Some for us, some for the neighbour girl
Who plays with our son and loves biscuits,
So I was happy to oblige
And, what little mess there was, I sang to as I cleaned.

Old movies played inside while out
It rained, then didn’t,
Then did.
The cool moist air roaming in drifts through the wide windows
As I commiserated with Edward G. Robinson
And Charlton Heston discovered what was really for dinner.

Even the dog didn’t want to go anywhere and
I, happy to oblige, let her warm my lap.

The truck never moved.
The only thing the unfolded laundry did
Was give me a place to put my feet.
No one asked a thing of me.
I was only too happy to oblige.

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Posted by on February 26, 2017 in Poetry, Social

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