Tellstones may be one of the least known (and certainly least documented) methods of divination to come down to us through the ages.

In Tellstones: Runic Divination in the Welsh Tradition, Tritt has reconstructed—or better, revived—an obscure and ancient tool. There is no complicated, esoteric system for using Tellstones. It will not take you years to learn, and there are no complicated sets of correspondences to memorize. Tellstones are intuitive and symbolic, being derived from nature and everyday life. There are no arcane alphabets or trigrams to puzzle over. Yet this method can lead to insights as deep, profound, and complete as any of the better-known and more respected ancient systems.

This revised and expanded third edition discusses the concept of divination in a way that would take them out of the realm of the mystical and place them in the context of everyday life so their value is understood whether one believes in metaphysics or not. Concise, useful, and free of the New Age mumbo-jumbo so often encountered in texts dealing with divination, Tellstones covers virtually every aspect of using this system—from the details of how to construct a basic set of the stones to how to throw a reading—and even a new section on how to use them as a focal point to help manifest desired outcomes.

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Some Reviews

Adam Tritt has crafted a clear and readable introduction to this traditional system of divination and self-knowledge. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in practical divination. While thorough and informative, it was not dogmatic or overly rigid, and gave suggestions for developing a personal, intuitive interpretation of the stones.

I got my first edition copy of Tellstones years ago, and found it to be both interesting and practical, if rather brief. The new edition is even better, with significantly more material explaining the use of the stones, and greatly improved illustrations. Even if you already own and love the first edition, this expansion is absolutely worth acquiring. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

—Jeannette Westlake, OMD, AP

From a culture whose very essence is poetic metaphor comes a method of divination that is the very soul of poetry and perfectly captures the spirit of its origins. Adam Tritt has brought Tellstones back to life from obscurity.

—Paul Chase MoonOak, author of The New Spirit

I am delighted with this book. I have worked with runes and tarot but have never found a system or book that made divination so alive and actually useful on a daily basis as this.

It is a beautiful system, and all the better to find the author has not invented Tellstones, but rediscovered the tradition and is responsible for helping keep it alive.

—Les Barker (Boston, Massachusetts)


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