Songs from the Well

Songs from the Well - Adam Byrn TrittSongs from the Well is a memoir, selected from the author’s writings and told in essays and poetry, of the author’s life with his wife, Lee, through her diagnosis with brain cancer and death five months later, to the aftermath of dealing with his grief and facing a life without her.

“You would think this book would be dedicated to Lee,” the author writes. “To her life. Her bravery. Her love of those she was leaving. But it isn’t. It is dedicated to those left behind. Parents who outlive their children. Spouses who promised forever, and would have kept that promise with a glad heart, but found that forever ended much too soon. For those who fell and got back up again. And those who fell and could not get up. Could not come out of the well. For them, too. But let’s give her the last word anyway: ‘I would do it all over again. Remember, no one gets left behind. Now, go and be happy.’ I’m trying.”

One hundred percent of the profits from sales of this book will be donated in memory of his wife to the Cancer Care Centers Foundation, a nonprofit organization serving the many people in our community—patients and families alike—who have been touched by cancer.

To learn more about the book, and to read a free excerpt, go to Smithcraft Press’s website.


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