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A Rejection Letter

Hi, Mr. T____,

I have read through about half of the script for T_____ T_____ o_ M_____ a__ M_____.  I had thought, from your description, and from the first thirteen pages of your graphic novel, that it was tales. As in multiple. Perhaps it branches off into related tales. As a structure, that is something I could appreciate.

The second story, as a separate entity, is really a second chapter, seemingly, of the first (perhaps only) story. Not so much Tales of the Crypt meets Tarantino, as you had described it, but as as as… and there is where words fail me. Because I generally don’t watch horror films or films with dismemberment or films where there is stark, continuous, senseless brutality.

The second chapter, the elements of necrophilia, the cocaine use coupled with sex and violence toward women, left me, and you can call me sensitive if you like, really unable to read further. I stopped reading as the cop was contemplating having sex with the headless corpse, and had trouble even getting that far.

Controversial material, we can handle. Material of a sexual nature is no problem. But try as I might, I could not find any redeeming qualities to this. So, as far as promotion, I don’t know what on Earth we’d do because I could not suggest anyone read this. If I found this in my daughter’s room, I’d wonder what was wrong with her. If I found this in my son’s room, I’m ask him to seek help. If I published this, I think they’d ask me to seek counseling. In other words, I can’t stand behind the work as having value and, hence, they’d wonder what happened to my integrity. Or if I had a stroke.

I can suggest finding a specialty publisher. Perhaps there is one that specializes in snuff comics. Or, where you pay a fee to publish and it is at least out there for anyone who wishes to look for this sort of material. Then, you can find where those folks read, forums maybe, bus stations, or back alleys, and post about your book. Perhaps places that have posters of Anton LaVey. By the way, LaVey’s last words were, “What have I done, there is something very wrong”

I do want to point out that your dialogue is realistic. You seem to have a handle on how people talk to, and sometimes, at or parallel to each other. I can really hear it in the panels where the cop is snorting cocaine off the naked girl’s ass, slapping her in the head each time she tries to turn over. At least, I imagine that is what the dialogue would sound like. Since I have never imagined that before, I’ll have to take your word for it.

If you do any different material, I’d be more than happy to look at it.


Adam Byrn Tritt, MEd, LMT, CHt, MSU, Mensch-in-Chief for Smithcraft Press

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I Met Yoko Ono

I met
Yoko Ono today
at an exhibit
of the artwork of John Lennon.

It was difficult
to see your past
through the line of patrons waving
credit cards, signing for thousands of dollars
for lithographs of song lyrics,
A Small Pig, Collieflower,
Erotic 1 through 3,
Drawings for Sean,
What’s Wrong With This Picture?

But there you were

Standing, small and quiet
unassumed and undisturbed.
Fame and Exile..

Once John imagined walking
you through the field of life
helping you
Watch the Holes, Yoko,
guiding you, yet
you were older, richer,
already an artist.
Where is your art now?
What do you say Yes to?

Opposite your images
surrounding you, his drawings
all you,
all naked, white, bright and plump,
you stand black, still, vacant, posthumous,
drawn and so thoroughly part of his creation
as though you were but sculpture,
but one more exhibit.

I expected to see a plaque next to you,
detailing the materials of your composition,
date of production, intention of creation
and a name. Artwork is so often titled
for that essence the form enfolds.
Lennon’s Tomb, perhaps.

We did not exchange a word.

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