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Vote for Adam.  Wait… what?
A New Adventure.

Not ever wanting to be bored, not having enough to do being a precinct committeeperson, a chairman of the county’s voter registration committee, teaching full time and seeing patients, I thought I’d run for office.  But not just any office. I chose an office that is so obscure, yet important, with such a misleading name that I can’t just run for it – I have to fully explain it nearly every time I mention it.

My wife always wanted me to run for office. She was thinking school board. But I know what happens to teachers who run for school board around here. Better win or look for a new job.

I chose Sebastian Inlet District Commission – a commission that is one hundred years old this year and is charged with keeping the beaches and rivers in as natural a condition as possible (after they cut four un-natural inlets into it), restoring them when they are not, with promoting education and Sebastian Inlet Posterconservation, and protecting the lives of the creatures that live in and around them from Vero in the south to Rockledge in the north.  That’s fifty miles, through two counties, of one of the most ecologically diverse waterways in North America.

What they actually do, though, is keep millage rates low so people can afford to buy houses on the beach, and so development can keep moving forward, and business have plenty of rich folks to buy their stuff.

I’m running against a man who believes dinosaurs are still alive and well in Africa. Who doesn’t believe in science. What else am I to do?

I told a local group of about 300 people that I was going to change that. And, if I can’t change it, make the other four people on the commission as miserable as possible for at least four years.  And they know I can do it.

I have worked as an environmentalist in social and direct action for many years.  Since my twenties. From the outside, and sometimes outside of the law. Now it’s time to do so from the inside.  And, I hope, make my wife proud as well.

For me, this is my dive back into deep ecology and ecospirituality.  In many ways, this may not be quite as exciting as my days with Earth First!, but I hope it will have a deep and lasting benefits and significantly less involvement from the FBI. And it might be safer, although, in this political climate, I might be less dangerous taking my chances sitting in trees and fighting bulldozers.

People who want to dismantle the EPA are the real ecoterrorists, and they are in office.  Time for me to be in office too.

So, if you’d like to help me, I’d love that. Please donate a little bit, or share the link to this, or the link below.

Another Reporter.

I have a soft spot for The Independent Alligator in Gainesville. But this reporter –

“What do you do for a living?” Did you not look me up at all before calling? Didn’t you even read the other reports from your own newspaper?

“When did you paint the wall?”
“A very few day after the murders.”
“What month was that?”
“Do you even know when they took place? Did you do no research at all before calling me?”

Still love The Alligator.

Memorial on 34th Street Wall vandalized with swastika, SS symbols


An Interview that didn’t go as Expected.

For this I left the house?
It aired in Gainesville and Jacksonville. And forever on YouTube.
Isis Ash – Adam Byrn Tritt and the Story of the 34th St. Wall

2/24/14: Freedom 7 Elementary School in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Adam at the Elementary School

I talked with the fourth-grade class about writing, offered tips and suggestions, and discussed different types of books and why on Earth we authors do what we do. Then we read Bud the Spud with the book displayed on the screen behind me.

The parents and teachers seemed genuinely surprised that an auditorium full of kids would be quiet listening to me for a whole hour. I explained that it’s not that I take their silence for granted, or that I simply deserve them to be quiet for me—but rather, that I needed to give them a reason to want to listen. I need to be worth listening to.

I think that’s probably good advice for all teachers. And authors.

Books and Beer. Words and Wine. Literature and Libation Pairing of Smithcraft Press Books at Casbah Wines

October 15th, 5 to 7 pm at Casbah Wines in downtown Melbourne, Florida

Meet me at Casbah Wines as I read from, and sign, my books, including my new release, Yom Kippur as Manifest in an Approaching Dorsal Fin. Enjoy wines, root beers, and other libations paired especially for my various literary offerings.


Enjoy a taste of the local literary scene as you ply your favourite author with his favourite alcohol for a signature. Please keep signatures contained to books only.

Meet local authors and their books, as well as offerings by local publisher Smithcraft Press, paired with excellent, and we believe, surprising, wines and other libations.

Offerings by Adam Byrn Tritt, J.D. Hallowell, Wayne McNeill, illustrator “Java” John Goldaker.

Casbah Wines
724 E New Haven Ave Ste BMelbourne, Florida, 32901

Loving Local Literature: Book Signing and Reading at The Love Hut
October 6th at The Love Hut. 12 to 3pm.

Come by The Love Hut, a fine boutique specializing in local and fair-trade items, to hear readings and get your signed copies of new books by local authors ME and J.D. Hallowell.

J.D. Hallowell is the author of the bestselling fantasy series War of the Blades. Dragons and magic and more await you in the pages of his books, and this is a rare opportunity to get your copies singed by the author.

And me, who is just plain awesome!

All of my books will be available for purchase including my newest release.

The Love Hut
2600 Aurora Road,
Melbourne, Florida.

Appearances, book tours, arrests, that sort of thing.

8/3/12 from 11 to 1 Orlando, Florida

Bud the Spud will be appearing for a special reading at the Homegrown Local Food Cooperative in Orlando, Florida. Come out and bring your kids to a fun filled day at the co-op! There will be a special reading of “Bud the Spud!” Then stay after for a magic show on nutrition by Cookie the Clown! Then the Cookie Monster will eat Cookie the Clown to demonstrate the effects of too much junkfood. Then let your children take part in a hula-hooping contest then top the day off with a fun dance party with some silly song favorites! It will be a fun-filled day!  And it all starts off with a bunch of parents bringing their kids to hear what they think is a harmless childen’s book. it’ll be great great fun!


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